Future Goals

The future goal that reigns paramount is my desire to grow professionally. This growth will occur through experience in the classroom and continued studies. While I am already starting out my educational career with a Masterís degree, I intend to continue learning. What remains unclear is whether I will work toward another degree, or just takes classes for the value that they can give to me as an educator. Despite the haziness in my educational future, my immediate goal is to learn from my experiences in the classroom. For so long, I have learned about educational learning theories and pedagogical strategies; I look forward to my first real experience in the classroom to identify and utilize the knowledge I have thus far acquired. I want to learn alongside of my students. Together we are valuable sources of knowledge; my students will learn chemistry from me as their teacher and I will learn to become a better teacher from them. Through the students needs, interests and abilities I want to continue to foster their educational, social and moral development. By continuing to be a creative educator who thinks of new strategies to reach all my students I hope to be able to contribute to this development. I want to be able to create a classroom environment that will enrich the lives of all students, an environment that pushes them to reach their highest potential. The ability to connect with all my students and to be able to provide for their educational needs is a goal that will never cease. With each year comes new students who deserve a teacher willing to meet their needs and thus, this goal is important for me as a future educator.

In addition to learning and engaging in new classroom practices, I want to stay current with both chemistry and technology. Chemistry was my first passion and because of this, I want to continue to stay updated on new discoveries in the field. This will allow me to bring more to the classroom, which will ultimately benefit my students. Additionally, I want to always make chemistry fun for my students by developing creative and engaging lesson plans. Staying up to date with technology and implementing as much technology into the classroom as possible is also something I intend to focus on. We live in a society that is driven by technology and it is imperative that these technological advances be implemented in the classroom to engage the students.

Lastly, I want to be an active member of the school community. Fortunately, this goal is in the early stages of being met. In the fall, I will have the opportunity to be an assistant cheerleading coach at the high school Iíve been employed. Getting to know my students both inside and outside the classroom is important to me as an educator. This will allow for me to provide the best and most applicable experience for a diverse group of learners.